Ice Age Floods and Steamboat Rock

Many times during the last ice age catastrophic floods unleashed by failing ice dams that created Lake Missoula in Montana raged across central Washington in waves 700’ high, scouring out canyons, redirecting rivers, creating huge scablands and moving huge Rocky Mountain boulders hundreds of miles west, some into the upper Willamette Valley in Oregon. J. … Read moreIce Age Floods and Steamboat Rock

Return to the Islands: An Introduction

Ballard, July 2019 Our return feels different Something was different this time going to Orcas and Crane Islands: we felt like tourists more than former residents; less connected, with warm memories of course, and dear friends but we were no longer island people. We had become city people. In February 2014 we had moved from … Read moreReturn to the Islands: An Introduction

Street and cars; no streetcars

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A Spare Tire Comes in Handy

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How to Savor Ten Thousand Photos

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Well, At Least We Didn’t Sink

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