Acres of Clams: The Seattle Files with Chris Allen

A podcast where local comedians learn local history Having moved to Ballard from Olympia at the end of March 2019, I wanted to understand where I was. Hour long early morning walks radiating out from our apartment building in all directions were a daily pleasure and I got to know the neighborhood and sometimes people … Read moreAcres of Clams: The Seattle Files with Chris Allen

Unsustainable Health Care on Orcas

Sunday 2010 10 24 Some wind this morning from the predicted storm but little rain. Water tank at 10 feet. Suzanne, moderator for the Orcas Island Unitarian Universalist Fellowship the last two years reported that her recent moose hunting adventure with husband John in the Bella Coola Valley had been a great success. They had … Read moreUnsustainable Health Care on Orcas